City of Peterborough Open Triples Tournament.

- by Terry Stratton

City of Peterborough Bowls Club are holding an Open Triples Tournament on Monday 8th August. See the Calendar date for more details and the entry form.


Ketton Two Bowl Fours Picnic Gala

- by Terry Stratton

Ketton Bowls Club are holding a Two Bowl Fours Picnic Gala on Wednesday 6th July. See the Calendar for more details and the entry form.


East Community Bears Mid-week Div 3 Withdrawal

- by Terry Stratton

Unfortunately, East Community Bears have had to withdraw from the Mid-Week Division 3 League.  The points have been adjusted accordingly.


Possible New League

- by Terry Stratton

The League Committee has contacted club secretaries concerning a possible additional league for 2023 made up of teams of a lower number of players and possibly a different format. For instance, this could be a single rink of 3 or 4 players, or even two rinks of 2 or 3 players, ends or sets based.

This is a major proposed addition, and therefore the idea is being raised early so as all club’s members can have time to give it due consideration during the forthcoming season. 

Towards the end of the season the League Committee will canvas clubs to see if there is any interest in this proposed new league, and their thoughts on what format it might take.


Stamford Town Gala Days

- by Terry Stratton

Stamford Town are holding Triples Gala Competitions on the Sunday 12th June and Thursday 25th August.  For more details see the posts on the Calendar.


Yaxley Open Triples Competition

- by Terry Stratton

Broadway Bowls Club, Yaxley are holding a OPEN TRIPLES event on Monday 18th July 2022. See calendar for entry form.



- by Terry Stratton

Bourne Town are holding an OPEN TRIPLES GALA day on Sunday 3rd July.  See the CALENDAR date for more details



- by Terry Stratton

Bretton Bowls Club will be holding two OPEN FRIENDLY TRIPLES this year, Wednesdays 13th July and 17th August.  See the calendar date for more details


Deeping BA Open Competitions

- by Terry Stratton

Deeping BA are holding OPEN COMPETITIONS on Sunday 12th June and Sunday 31st July.  For more details see the posts on the CALENDAR


Rule Changes

- by Terry Stratton

At the League AGM in December 2021 the following rule changes were adopted.  The exact changes are highlighted in italics

 Rule 7.1

Smoking on the green and within one metre of the dyke, including E-cigarettes, is prohibited for all Players, Umpires and Markers taking part in any Peterborough & District Bowls League games or competitions.  Any complaints concerning breaches of this rule must be clearly indicated on the result card. Local club rules on smoking should be respected by visiting players.

Rule 11.4

Any team that requests a postponement other then 11.1(unfavourable weather conditions) and 11.3(exceptional circumstances) will be penalised 2 points for non-fulfilment of the original fixture date as stated at start of the season. This will be for each postponement.  Notification of the re-arranged fixture, to be played not beyond the second week of September, to be emailed to the League rep and cc to the Fixture Secretary by both team captains. The Management committee reserve the right to issue a date for a match to be played in any dispute.