We are here to help. If you have any queries relating to any matter concerning a fixture please don’t hesitate to contact the Fixture Secretary or any League officer.   The League Rules include specific Captains Duties under section 10, but below is guidance following common mistakes or errors experienced by the League over the years..

  1.  Please check the website for your results and if you have any questions contact the respective League Rep by email. We process over 1,000 results cards during the season and mistakes occasionally  happen. 
  2. Please ensure all the information requested is accurately and fully completed on the Result Card i.e., league, division, date, both full team names and the team player names. 
  3. Visiting captains must countersign the result card AFTER the game and ensure that all the information is complete and accurate.
  4. Results must be with the League Rep within 5 days of the match Rule 10.3 
  5. Any telephone messages or emails should also have the league, division, date and full team name to help identify which of the over 110 league teams it relates to.
  6. Check the League website regularly for league information, announcements and competition results.
  7. If you need to register a new player during the season, please contact the league representative by email and also send a copy to the Fixture Secretary.  Any phone calls must be followed up by an email.
  8. PENALTIES – Cancellation or rearrangement of games will result in point deductions except under the circumstances covered under rules 11.2, 11.3 or 11.6. Games cancelled and rescheduled for any other reason will incur either a 2 point deduction under rule 11.4 or a 5 point deduction under rule 11.5.
  9. SUBSTITUES. You must ensure that substitutes are clearly marked on the Result card, with the name of the team they are registered to. (Rule 9.4), otherwise the team will incur a £5 fine under rule 9.14.