Burrows Court 55Longthorpe Woods00
Baker Perkins 55Burrows Court 55100
Burrows Court 55Crowland Jays40
City of Peterborough Molins 55Burrows Court 5590
Burrows Court 55Westward Panthers 5520
Burrows Court 55Whittlesey Town Foxes40
Langtoft 55Burrows Court 5560
Burrows Court 55Yaxley Hurricanes20
Longthorpe WoodsBurrows Court 5510
Burrows Court 55Baker Perkins 5580
Crowland JaysBurrows Court 5500
Burrows Court 55City of Peterborough Molins 5520
Westward Panthers 55Burrows Court 5500
Whittlesey Town FoxesBurrows Court 5520
Burrows Court 55Langtoft 5580
Yaxley HurricanesBurrows Court 5520
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